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Boarding & Daycare

Sign your pup up for daycare or boarding in our home-based facility! Most places resemble shelters and can cause extreme anxiety in dogs when visiting a daycare, while our program offers the comfort of home. Your pup will enjoy play both inside & outside, and naps on the family couch! We have three play areas for dogs, 2 extra large outdoor yards in the backyard with real grass, and a large indoor play room with couches & toys! We constantly rotate dogs between yards to give them new activities and breaks from the Texas heat!

Booking Conditions: If your dog is older than 7 months they must be spayed/neutered to participate in daycare. Parents must also provide up to date shot record before we can accept any dog into our care. All dogs are given a temperament test to determine if we can accept them into our group play programs.

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Full Day Daycare

Full day is any stay longer than 4 hours and 15 minutes.

Pricing Plans:

  • Day-by-day - $35 / day

  • Weekly Plans (Mon-Fri):

    • 3 days / week - $102/week​

    • 5 days / week - $165/week

  • Monthly Plans:​

    • 3 days / week / month - $370 / month ($50 in savings!)​

    • 5 days / week / month - $600 / month ($100 in savings!)

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Half Day Daycare

Half day is any stay 4 hours and 15 minutes or less.

Pricing Plans:

  • Day-by-day - $25 / day

  • Weekly Plans (Mon-Fri):

    • 3 days / week - $72 / week​

    • 5 days / week - $115 / week

  • Monthly Plans:​

    • 3 days / week / month - $275 / month ($25 in savings!)​

    • 5 days / week / month - $425 / month ($75 in savings!)

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One-on-One Private Daycare

$12 / hour

​One-on-one private daycare is a great option for dogs who can't participate in group play programs. Whether that's due to them not being spayed/neutered, or their temperament with other dogs does not meet daycare requirements. This private daycare option means a staff member is partnered with your dog for the entire session. You can select a max of 2hrs per day (one hour is in the AM & one hour is in the PM). Session activities will include play time in both the outdoor and indoor yards, toy time, encouragement to run & roll, and of course all the cuddles your pup demands!

Boarding - $40 / night

Our lodging space has crates to accommodate to all sizes of pups for the duration of the night, ensuring their safety.


Your pup's day will be spent cozied up to the staff receiving lots of love in a play room that can remind your pet of a home, or running wild in the backyards with toys & pools!


Potty breaks outside, when not participating in group play, are every 2-3 hours between 7am to 10pm.

To add daycare to your pup's stay:

$8 / day for Half Day

$12 / day for Full Day

Our spaces are limited and our crates are various sizes, you must contact us ahead of time and ensure we have an available space that can accommodate your size dog.
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